Current outdoor water toys create waste when not in constant use. One hour of continuous use wastes 1,020 gallons of water on average.1



The H2O GO! Splash SmartTM Pedal hooks up between a standard hose and water toys to help regulate water usage. This patented foot-activated restrictor valve drastically reduces the flow of wasted water, while still facilitating a fun experience for all!














Structural packaging serves as the foundation that not only protects and contains products but also imparts visual appeal and functionality. It is the art of designing three-dimensional forms that bring structure, coherence, and purpose to otherwise shapeless items.


From everyday consumer goods, like the Hefty Grip Cup, to high-end luxury products, structural packaging breathes life into these objects, enhancing their marketability and user experience.






Current dog throwers only fit standard sized balls (i.e. tennis balls), limiting the type of play. This ultimately leaves plush items to be picked up and thrown by hand. Bending over to pick up slobbery toys is a repeated gripe amongst dog owners.


goDog! goFetchTM retrieval system includes an adjustable jaw that can easily pick up and throw most toys, leading to slobber-free play!





A surgeon's comfort is impacted by how well one can access their patient, specifically the operating area. Surgeons go to great lengths to improve this access, with little thought to their own health:

_body contortion

_maintaining fixed stance for long periods

_visual and motor axis disconnect


The Surgeon Posture Indicator Tool serves as a real-time measuring tool for terrible posture during procedures.


Although it won't correct their posture, it will make them aware of it.